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Protecting Your Business and Finances

Protecting Your Business and Finances

Protecting your business with a customized Business Insurance policy is vital to any thriving enterprise. Whether you run a home-based business or employ hundreds of workers, you need to safeguard your professional and personal assets from losses with reliable insurance.

Basic Coverages

Business Insurance guards against risks ranging from company-car accidents to legal claims. General Liability Insurance minimizes financial risks associated with unexpected events that could lead to devastating losses.

Additional Business Insurance Coverage

If you have a company car or a fleet of trucks, we offer Business/Commercial Auto. Other coverages include Commercial Property, Contractors Bond, Commercial Umbrella, Directors and Officers, EPL and Workers Compensation.

Understanding Business Insurance Coverage

Insurance is the contractual transfer of the financial consequences of loss to another party. When you buy Business Insurance, an insurance company is promising its duties, exclusions and conditions under which they will cover you in the event of a loss.

There are various types of Business Insurance. All serve a special purpose and your business may not require most of them. Understanding your exposure to risk will help you know which policies your business will benefit from.

Here are the types of Business Insurance coverages you can buy:

Why Do You Need AIS?

AIS Business Specialists help find coverage that protects your assets at a price that works for your business. Our agents are trained and ready to help assess your needs so you can select the most appropriate coverage for your unique business. We work with the top Business Insurance carriers in the country so you can be sure that any carrier you choose with us will be a reliable one.

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